Control & Manners

Obedience/Dog Training Lessons with A-SIT

In East Huntspill Village Hall

& Bay Club - Highbridge


Got a lively adolescent or want to get your rescue off to a good start?

Dogs benefit from ongoing training to improve and maintain good behaviour. This course is designed to help you understand how your dog learns whilst you both enjoy the training and get all the help that you need. We cover the basic skills required for a general, well-mannered dog. We use up to date methods and reward based training, helping you to achieve long term results.

Suitable for:-

Older pups, over 18 weeks - These pups are at a stage of their development into adulthood. This course is a great way to assist your pup through adolescence to become a confident, well-mannered adult dog.

Rescue - Often we don’t know the history of a rescued dog. This is a great way to get some basic training to assist in achieving a bond with your new family member and therefore helping them to settle in at home.

Adult - Perhaps you weren’t able to attend puppy classes. This course is ideal for the adult dog who hasn’t attended any training before and that may have some small training issues to be addressed.

What we cover:-

  • Introduction to clicker training
  • Sit / down / stand
  • Come when called
  • Walk nicely on a lead
  • Look at me
  • Self-control skills
  • Send to bed
  • Handling and inspection of your dog
  • Having fun with training


Exercises and information will be given in class. You do need to practice at home. The more you practice the better the results. Remember, to have a well behaved dog, you must put the effort in.

6.00pm – 7.00pm on Tuesdays (Classes limited to 6 Dogs)

£54 for 6 week course including free Clicker and Certificate and Rosette upon completion.

Please contact Lesley@a-sit.co.uk for information and booking


East Huntspill Village Hall

Bay Club - Highbridge