“I joined A-SIT agility at 10, I am now 14 and I’m still loving it! Dog agility has improved my dog, Ben’s, confidence and it has enhanced our bond. Ben loves agility, it’s written all over his face. Lesley is a great teacher, she is very patient and gives good advice on all aspects of dog care. My mum and her dog are also a part of the A-SIT club, Ben really enjoys joint lessons with them. I think dog agility is a great sport to take part in for all ages. “
Molly & Ben

Bonnie my poodle cross started 1:1 agility foundation work with Lesley when she was 6 months old. She hasn’t been the easiest dog for me to train but Lesley is always enthusiastic, encouraging and very patient. She not only has a wealth of agility knowledge and experience but has given me great advice to help strengthen my bond with my dog. 
Most importantly our lessons are FUN! The other members of the club are really friendly and really supportive. The group work is great as everyone encourages each other and you learn an awful lot by watching other people run their dogs. I always look forward to my weekly agility fix!
Claire & Bonnie

“Chas and I really enjoy our lesson with Lesley. She is well tuned in to our needs – Chas needs challenges that he can master and have fun with and I need to learn to give him clear commands and get out of his way when he knows where he’s going! Lesley is encouraging and professional in her teaching methods, considering I am a complete beginner (but more than willing to learn) and, at the end of our session Chas and I go away feeling we have accomplished some new skills together. I also feel that a half-hour one-to-one session is excellent value, rather than being part of a large class.”
Anne & Chas

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me make my Mollie running experience even more enjoyable, we now have even more trust in each other and our working relationship.”
Karen & Mollie

 “Lesley has the right balance of assertiveness and patience with the human element, and firmness and fun with the canines. I find that 30 minutes is ample, although it seems to pass very rapidly, as both my JR, Tess, and I, are mentally and physically ready to finish the session by then. Lesley speaks clearly and she ‘walks through’ the movements, demonstrating body positions, as often as is necessary, which is very encouraging. She explains why one needs to be in the right place at the right time to help the dog. It is quite surprising just how much co-ordination is required and Lesley seems to possess unlimited patience. Tess thoroughly enjoys the sessions, yelping with delight when we approach the field and she observes the equipment, and we seem to be even closer after sharing such a diverse activity – a sort of “we did well, eh Mum?” Regardless of whether one intends to compete or not, Dog Agility is very rewarding. I really look forward to our lessons and have no hesitation in recommending Lesley”
Jeannette & Tess

“Well, what can I say? Lesley and Agility have changed our lives – When Spud first arrived at 9 weeks old from a farmer who said “E’s had a fright this morning, so if he aint no good bring him back”, we knew we had a challenge on our hands. Spud was a shivering wreck, frightened and untrusting of everyone and everything. I thought from quite early on that agility could be an option for Spud and spoke to Lesley who advised me on the initial training I would need to have (partly) under my belt before bringing him back at 6 months old. She also told me about her previous experiences of agility helping other not-so-easy-going dogs build up their confidence. 10 months on and almost competition ready, we have never looked back – with Lesley’s brilliant advice and thoughtfulness regarding Spuds ‘special needs’, she has helped us no end. With Lesley’s insightful ways of introducing Spud (and me) to new equipment, training, dogs and people, we have managed to turn him into a really happy and fun loving dog who thoroughly enjoys his weekly agility training sessions. Thank you Lesley for all your help, you are a star and we couldn’t have done it without you! “
Kelly & Spud