Voo Frame shrunk

Name: Monkstone Voulez Voodoo

Breed: Border Collie

Born: 22/01/2012

Sire: Designer Diesel’s Boy

Dam: Cloudtenn Hex Rated



About Voodoo:

What can I say about the Voodoo Child? Well, I bred him, so I only have myself to blame!

Voodoo is a spirited young chap, right from the get go he stood out to me as something special, I was hoping having bred him that not only would he be something special, but that we would have a special bond… how wrong was I?!

I have owned numerous rescues but have never been faced with as many challenges as I have with the dog I bred myself. Voodoo has always been crazy independent and given me very little opportunity to trust or bond with him. I initially put his nature down to him being young, then down to him being entire, following castration I finally realised I had a real problem on my hands; a smart collie, with no fear and little regard for me, Matt or Hex.

And so the research and hard work began. A majority of the relationship building I did with him initially was based on Susan Garrett’s ‘Ruff Love’ book, along with some of her recall games. I have learnt SO much working through Voodoo’s ‘issues’ and building a solid foundation with him. His development inside and outside of Agility is still an ongoing project but having come from a place where I never thought I’d be able to let him off lead at a show to a year later winning classes at consecutive shows I am certainly feeling more positive and in the home environment I finally have the Mummy’s boy I wanted.

Voodoo’s Highlights:

Winning into Grade 5 – 2016

Qualifying for the Camdwrr Cup Final 2015