Hex prof picName: Cloudtenn Hex Rated AW(G)

Breed: Border Collie

Born: 19/03/08

Sire: Leyanders Moulin Rouge

Dam: Caritas Gemini at Cloudtenn

About Hex:

Hex is the first dog I have ever owned from a puppy, all my previous dogs have been rescues. She is an absolute fruit loop and a bit of a madam at times! She is great fun to work with her. She absolutely loves to work, no matter what you are asking her to do, she is keen and can’t wait for her reward.

She is a bit of a noisy girly in the ring and her own ‘running commentary’ can be a bit distracting for both of us.

Her first show was Bromsgrove at the end of the 2009 show season. In 2010 I took her to a number of qualifiers along with the usual shows I cover across the country, but Hex became a bit of a 5 Fault wonder clipping just one pole in nearly every run we did, it became a bit of an on-going joke, which was becoming less and less funny with every final we missed out on! Then when Hex managed to co-ordinate her feet with her speed we were back on track and desperate to win up to Grade 4, but we had five 2nd places before she finally won up at Dashin Dogs 2010. She had more than enough places to progress by points but I was determined to do it with a win as it was the first goal I’d set for her and I’m glad I waited.

Go Baby, Go Baby, GO!

Hex is now working in Grade 7 and competing in Champ classes, I look forward to each and every run with her.

Hex’s Highlights: